Time Clock Helper

This is a basic App to quickly calculate how many hours were worked in a day based on a standard time card.

There are two ways to input values. The first view allows you to pick a time using a scroll wheel and then press the location you want that time to go into. If you swipe left or right you can change to a manual entry mode. In this mode, you simply press the number you want to change and then use the keyboard to enter a new time. You can press next to go to the next field, or done to finish.

If you don’t need certain punches, such as a lunch, use the checkboxes next to the times you don’t want.

It now allows you to record the total hours for more than one day. You can also view all the recorded days – up to 400 at the current time.

Recording a time couldn’t get easier. Simply press the add to total button and it’s done. To view the days press on the label showing the current total hours and a new view will open.

In the days box you can scroll up and down to view all the days recorded. You can also delete days by pressing on them and answering the prompt. If you want to clear them all press the clear all button on the bottom. If you would like to e-mail the times to someone press the e-mail button. Press done when you are finished to return to the entry screen.

This app also allows the option to select different rounding options. Many work places round to the nearest 6 minutes, or 15 minute increment and this app now allows that in it’s calculations. To change options, simply press the setting button and change the settings, or go into the device settings and change it for the app.

You may also show the date the time was added to the total by going into setting and changing the show date option. You can also change it back to show just the day numbers.



Some Actual reviews:

Simple, useful app. Does what it says it does, no glitches. I use it every day.

by lauriep05

Love this app! It rounds in 6 min intervals for my work Kronos time clock-the ONLY app that does that! U input ur actual time u clock in and it does the rounding for u so u can caluculate ur actual hrs worked & it will total for the week & email u the data! Love it! Thx Don!

by Bibliophile girl

Love, love this! The guys take 2x longer to add up their time and I’m waving my time card telling them to hurry up!

by Onlygirlinoffice

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