Project Pricing

I started off selling small handmade items on various sites. Initially, I struggled with pricing. How do you balance costs, while at the same time making a decent profit. To achieve this balance I spent a lot of time with paper and calculators trying various options. I eventually decided that there should be an app to do it for me.

Project Pricing was written to quickly solve that problem. While, I personally use it for Etsy sales it isn’t tied to that platform. I left the options open to be of use in as many cases as possible.

If you usually time your project building in minutes, simply click on the word hours to switch to minutes. You can switch back by pressing the word minutes and it will all be converted for you.

The app allows you to put a length of time to construct the project, the amount per hour you want to get paid, material cost and other costs you may have. Using that information it will come up with your total cost. Using the cost, you set a margin and it will tell you the price you should charge along with the profit you will make.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.


Some actual reviews:

Been manually calculating my pricing when on the go & away from my computer which is a lengthy process or hassle as some are bulk/team vs retail. Well the creator of this calculator has made it so simple quick & to the point. It works for a broad industry needs, as I do apparel & printing.
by SusieMovieGoer 

Works great!
by IanMcCarty 

I love this app! Yea I know that I could do this myself but it’s so nice to not have to think about math and plug in the numbers and it does it for you! Thanks for this app!
by Jswprince 

I used this app the first time and had one issue I would like to have fixed. I contacted the app creator like the information said. He responded very quickly to my question and then he fixed the app to perform the way I needed along with leaving the option he fixed for me intact for other who may use it. Honestly if I could have given more than 5 stars I would have. His response time and willingness to help the people using his app deserves 100 stars. It is not often you get that kind of service. And now the app works great for my wife’s small business. THANK YOU for a great app!!!!!
by 2ballwonder 
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